Château Saint Thomas


Since the beginning of time, everyone who stepped onto the Lebanese soil has paid tribute to the fertile land called : The Bekaa Valley. This stretch of land has been known as the cradle of the biggest empires. The Bekaa Valley is where the Romans chose to build one of the biggest jewels of Lebanon - The Temple of Bacchus - holding within its walls the hymn of love and the mystery and secrets of wine Winemaking is an art.

Terroir Chateau Saint Thomas Bekaa

Family Touma

Knowledge as well as sensitivity are primary qualities of a good winemaker. Said TOUMA, with his long family tradition of 100 years in alcohol, is more than qualified to perform this art. Out of all the winemaking stages, it is that fermentation and preservation require up to date technology and highly sophisticated equipment: Only the finest are used to produce the wines of Chateau St.Thomas.

Familia Touma

The cellar

Before reaching the bottling process, the wine ages, matures and acquires all its character in the natural cellars of the chateau. Dug through rocks to a depth of 30 meters (98.5 feet), the caves welcome the new oak casks in a humid atmosphere, close to 80% accompanied by a low and stable temperature.

Cantina Saint Thomas